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Cystostop Rapid 1100 mg. 30 tablets

Product Code: Cystostop Rapid 1100 mg. 30 tablets
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WHAT IS Cistostop?

Cistostop is a preparation that quickly and permanently relieves the symptoms of discomfort in the urinary tract (urinary tract, bladder, kidney).

Cistostop has been developed in 2 varieties:

Rapid Cistoprost - designed for acute conditions of urinary discomfort.

Cistoprost Chrono - designed for cases of chronic and often recurrent episodes of urinary discomfort.

Each Rapid Rapid Tablet contains:

D-Mannose - 1000 mg;
Standard dry extract of birch leaves - 50 mg;
Standardized dry extract of American cranberry - 50 mg;
BetaVac - A patented combination of 3,5,7,3 ', 4'-penta-hydroxy-flavon, 3,7,3', 4'-tetrahydroflavone and epicatechin- (4β -β) -epsikatechin- (4? -?, 2? -? O? 7) -epicatechin.

The other ingredients of the tablet are calcium phosphate, corn starch, copovidone, povidone and magnesium stearate.

Each tablet of Chisto contains:

D-Mannose - 500 mg;
Standard dry extract of birch leaves - 500 mg;
Standardized dry extract of American cranberry - 200 mg;
BetaVac - A patented combination of 3,5,7,3 ', 4'-penta-hydroxy-flavon, 3,7,3', 4'-tetra-hydroxy-flavon and epicatechin- (4β- (4? -?, 2? -? O? 7) -epicatechin.

The other ingredients of the tablet are calcium phosphate, corn starch, copovidone, povidone and magnesium stearate.

Cistostop is a nutritional supplement.


Cistostop does not allow bacteria that cause discomfort to engage the walls of the urinary tract. So they remain free in the urine and are discharged from the body with the act of urination. Cistostop also acts on bacteria that are already trapped in the urinary tract walls, facilitating their separation and removal from the body.

A. Rapist is the most effective in the initial phase, at the first appearance of the symptoms (burning, frequent and painful urination, sore throat, cloudy urine, etc.). When the cause of the discomfort is E. solli (85-90% of the cases), the effect is very rapid and considerable relief is experienced even in the first hours after the administration of the preparation. In most cases, the complaints completely subsided the next day.
Rapid Rapid is particularly effective in women with urinary tract problems.

B. Cistoprost Chrono optimally maintains urinary tract health and prevents recurrence of urinary discomfort. Cistoprost Chrono is particularly suited for intake immediately after the acute episode of urinary discomfort has been addressed to prevent the risk of a chronic problem, as well as in people with frequent urinary tract problems to prevent new recurrence.


Do not take Cistostop if you have ever had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the tablet.

The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, itching, swelling of the lips and face, shortness of breath. Ask your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.


So far there are no known side effects of the preparation and contraindications for its intake. Its tolerance is very good, allowing safe reception for a long time. Cistoprost can be given without restrictions during pregnancy and lactation as well as in patients suffering from diabetes.

It is also suitable for children over 3 years of age and the dose is determined by the treating physician according to the weight of the child.


A. Cistopst Rapid

Take Cistoprost Rapid at the first signs of urinary discomfort.

During the first two days, Rapid Rapid is taken every 2 to 3 hours with 2 tablets or a total of 6 tablets per 2 tablets a day.

On the third day, Rapid is given as 3 times as 2 tablets.

• Day I - 6 times x 2 tablets

• Day II - 6 times x 2 tablets

• Day III - 3 times x 2 tablets

For urinary tract urinary problems, take 2 Rapist Rapid tablets half an hour before sexual intercourse. Try to urinate immediately after the act.

B. Cistoprost Chrono

If your doctor has not advised otherwise, Cystostop Chrono is given as 2 tablets a day.


Keep Cistostop in its original packaging at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C in a dry place without direct sunlight accessible to children. Do not use the preparation after its expiration or if the integrity of the packaging is impaired.


Urinary tract discomfort can sometimes be due to harmless functional disorders in the urinary tract due to colds, neurological disorders or physical overloads, but most often due to a bacterial infection whose cause in 85-90% of cases is E.soli . The infection may affect the urinary tract (urethritis), bladder (cystitis) or kidney (pyelonephritis).

Once they enter the urinary tract, the pathogenic bacteria are attached to their surface by means of pip-like growths

D-mannose binds and blocks the bacteria fingers by which they attach to the urinary tract. Thus, blocked fimbrias can not perform their functions, as a result of which the bacteria remain free in the urine and are easily taken out in the urine.

In addition, D-mannose promotes and strengthens the immune system.

Proanthocyanidins (in the composition of the American Blueberry extract)

Proanthocyanidins block another type of fimbria with which the bacteria primarily attack the kidneys.
Together, D-mannose and Proanthocyanidins block more than 95% of bacterial fibrils. Therefore, in combination, D-mannose and Proanthocyanidins provide much better and more reliable protection for the urinary tract than on its own.

Flavonoids (in the birch leaf extract)

Flavonoids in birch leaf extract have a pronounced diuretic effect and help in the faster removal of bacteria from the urinary tract.
The remaining biologically active substances (tannins, terpenes, catechins, betulorentic acid, potassium nitrate, etc.) have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, spasmolytic and astringent action, which further strengthens the secretory system and contributes to the permanent elimination of the infection.

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