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Oral Probiotic Formula 30 tablets

Product Code: Oral Probiotic Formula 30 tablets
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Swanson's first probiotic, created specifically with oral health care. It is distinguished by a special strain of S. salivarius, also called BLIS K12,  As for BLIS K12, this is a useful bacterium that occurs only in the mouth. It has been proven to prevent the spread of bacteria causing bad breath, supports immune system functions and maintains good oral health. Probiotic culture is included in over 30 published scientific papers and participates in several clinical trials. Scientists conclude that regular intake of BLIS K12 can help maintain the health of the throat, oral cavity and upper respiratory tract.


Contents: Content in the recommended daily dose of 1 tablet
Oral Probiotic Formula Patented mixture: Blis K12 S. salivarius L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. reuteri, L. paracasei 3 billion CFU
Excipients: Natural vanilla flavor, natural strawberry flavor, citric acid, stevia, maltodextrin, milk, xylitol, chicory root (inulin), microcrystalline cellulose, rice extract mixture, hydroxypropyl cellulose, guar gum, beet juice powder.

Directions for use: One tablet. Chew or dissolves in the mouth. It is taken as a food supplement and is not a substitute for food.

Important information: Product only for adults! Beware of children! If you are breast-feeding, you are pregnant or are taking any other medical prescription - please consult your doctor before using the supplement. Do not use it for damaged packaging.

Storage: In dry and cool rooms. After opening, keep the product in a refrigerator.

Packing: 30 chewable tablets.

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