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Sterimed Hydrogel 15g.

Product Code: Sterimed Hydrogel 15g.
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Sterimed Hydrogel is a sterile amorphous hydrogel with alginate that helps treat wounds of different origins.

Sterimed Hydrogel is designed to help treat:

Dried or weak to severely secreting wounds of different origins in the necrosis, granulation and epithelial phase:
Wounds covered with scabs and necrotic tissue: ulcers of lower limbs; decubital wounds; diabetic wounds injured by first and second degree burns.
Way of acting:
Hydrating agents incorporated in the composition act to wet the wound, aiding the release of dry tissues, including necrosis and scabs. With its highly absorbing properties, the gel absorbs and retains the already wounded tissues and secretions. The viscous structure of Sterimed Hydrogel allows it to remain stable in the wound after application.


Accelerates the process of wound healing by rehydrating dry tissues, facilitating their natural cleansing.
Absorbs and retains separated secretions and tissues.
Provides the necessary optimal wet environment to heal the wound.
Patient comfort:

The gel remains stable when placed in the wound and prevents leakage of the exudation.
Removes easily and painlessly.
The bandage changes to 2-3 times a week.
There is a special nozzle for easier gel placement, also suitable for deep wounds.

Purified Water - Hydrating Component;
Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) polymer - an absorbing and gel-forming agent;
Propylene glycol - hydration component;
Carbomer - thickener, viscosity regulator;
Triethanol amine - PH regulator;
Calcium alginate - an absorbing and gel-forming agent.
Packing: 15 g

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