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Biozin Probiotic Femme 15 capsules

Product Code: Biozin Probiotic Femme 15 capsules
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Biozin Probiotic Femme contains a patented, scientifically proven SynBalance Gynelle probiotic complex with a blend of 3 billion living colonies of Lactobacillus acidophulus, L.rhamnosus, L.plantarum. Good bacteria act synergistically in the urogenital tract to maintain the necessary balance of the vaginal flora. Gastrointestinal capsules ensure that the probiotic complex is efficiently released into the intestine, preventing its destruction in the digestive tract.

SynBalance Gynelle is a powerful probiotic complex that:

Participates in the colonization of the urogenital epithelium with live bacteria Lactobacillus (L. acidophulus, L.rhamnosus, L.plantarum) with synergistic action;
Modulates the immune response;
It is stable at room temperature;
It handles well the side effects of taking antibiotics;
Restores bacterial balance in the gastrointestinal tract and optimizes the digestive process.
The ecosystem of harmful, beneficial and neutral bacteria that inhabit the body is called the Microbiome and is key to health.
Vaginal microbiomes are formed by bacterial species that coexist in a delicate balance, creating favorable conditions for good female health. Disruption of this balance can lead to pathologies.
Oral administration of probiotics increases the levels of beneficial bacteria in the vagina, acting against potential causes of urogenital infections. Physiologically, the vagina is populated with microorganisms of the genus Lactobacillus, which coexist with other bacteria of the microbiome.
Many current clinical studies show that good bacteria of the species Lactobacillus, especially taken daily by mouth, are particularly effective in establishing and maintaining a healthy vaginal microflora. In women with high lactobacilli in the vagina, the risk of fungal infection is reduced to a minimum.

Directions for use: For women over 14 years of age, it is recommended that you take 1 capsule a day with a glass of water, unless otherwise prescribed.

Ingredients: 1 capsule (daily dose) - 3 billion lactobacilli in the patented probiotic complex SynBalance Gynelle (Lactobacillus acidophulus, L.rhamnosus, L.plantarum); capsule shell: gelatin gum, hypromellose; anti-caking agents: calcium phosphate, cellulose, magnesium stearate; colorant (capsule): titanium dioxide.

Lactose free.

Warning: This product is a nutritional supplement. It should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. If you get rash, itching, swelling of the lips and face or shortness of breath, talk to your doctor. Do not use after the expiry date.

Storage: Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight.

Packaging: 15 capsules.

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