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HEMOCLIN GEL 45 ml of hemorrhoids.

Product Code: HEMOCLIN GEL 45 ml of hemorrhoids.
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HEMOCLIN GEL 45 ml of hemorrhoids.

 HEMOCLIN GEL 45 ml of hemorrhoids

HEMOCLIN GEL is a new Dutch natural gel designed to treat and prevent hemorrhoids, anal fissures and discomfort. Contains a patented bioactive bacterial blocker (2QR complex), which prevents bacterial growth , suppresses inflammation , improves the condition of the affected tissues and accelerates the natural healing process .

HEMOCLIN GEL is entirely natural basis - no steroids, anesthetics and preservatives , suitable for long term use , to full recovery .
- Cure and preventing the discomfort in the anal area and prevent the emergence of new hemorrhoids and fissures
- Immediately cools and relieves hemorrhoids and anal discomfort ( irritation , itching , burning, sensitivity)
- Suitable for pregnant and lactating women , and for all who have perdiodichno recurring problems with hemorrhoids and fissures .
- Improves the quality of the tissues and accelerates the natural healing process
- Provides the necessary lubrication to facilitate bowel movements in constipated.
- For faster recovery after surgery hemorrhoids, fissures and other anal
- Comfortable and hygienic system for use with applicator
 - Does not expire and does not stain your underwear
- Easy dispensing , storage and transportation

How do the active ingredients ?

HEMOCLIN GEL contains Bio- Active Bacterial Blocker , patented in the Netherlands as 2QR complex.
Bioactive Bacterial Blocker neutralize harmful microorganisms present in the anal canal and hemorrhoids and fissures penetrate the affected tissue is increased, inflammation , complications and symptoms (pain , irritation , burning, itching, and sensitivity. ) .

Completely harmless molecules 2QR complex block penetration , colonization and growth of pathogenic bacteria in tissues . Inflammation and complications are prevented and accelerates and stimulates the natural healing process . Bio- active gel provides rapid relief of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and discomfort.


Treating hemorrhoids, fissures and traumatic injury to tissues :
Apply 3-4 times a day during the first days to achieve relief. Then reduce applications to 1-2 per day until complete healing and recovery.
Doctor's advice : After defecating use warm water and soap. Dry carefully and then put one dose Hemoklin gel.
Prevention of complications and the emergence of new hemorrhoids / fissures :
Apply one dose Hemoklin gel morning and evening or whenever you feel discomfort.
Doctor's advice : You can apply one dose Hemoklin gel before defecation . This will ease bowel movements and reduce microtrauma , especially if you suffer from constipation. After defecating , wash with warm water and place another dose Hemoklin .
For faster recovery after surgery :
Apply Hemoklin gel after surgery several times a day until complete recovery of traumatized tissue.
Hemorrhoids and other anal discomfort are common during pregnancy and after birth .
To apply the gel Hemoklin follow these steps:
1. Place the vial firmly on a hard surface . Hold it with one hand and remove the cap . Do not press the white button .
2 . Firmly press down the blue part for 2 seconds with the other hand . you will hear a sound. The white part is automatically raised up. Continue pressing until the blue part on the white does not show ring. At this point, stop pressing . The installer is loaded and ready for use.
3 . Pull the blue part with the white of the vial.
4 . Insert the tip of the blue part of prikachenat white part in the anal opening.
5 . After inserting the blue part in the anal opening, gently press the white part to Nina , so that Hemoklin gel to penetrate the affected area.
Cleaning Instructions :
After each use, wash the parts separately with hot water.
Contents of the pack ?
HEMOCLIN GEL contains one vial of 45 ml all-natural , non-toxic gel applicator. The gel is based on a proprietary bio- active 2QR- complex prepared from the plant Aloe Barbadensis. The product does not contain anesthetics , flavorings , preservatives and ingredients of animal origin.
HEMOCLIN should be used at room temperature. Keep it safe and cool place. Do not use after the expiration date.
Pressurized container . Do not puncture or incinerate the vial , even after use . Keep out of reach of children.

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