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Packing: 10 amp

Appearance: 10amp-250mg

Manufacturer: Alpha pharma


Boldenone is popular not only among the veterinary community, but also among the majority of bodybuilders, thanks to its unique performance.
It has such characteristics that lacks any substance.
Its use is so varied that it can not have been impressed.
Boldenone is a true anabolic coupled with weak estrogenic and androgenic effects.
In structure it differs from testosterone.
The main feature is the double bond in the first and fourth position. Peculiarities in his formula exactly androgenic component, it does not refer to the 5-alpha abbreviated as most steroids. Boldenonat has its own formula (dehydro-boldenone), approximately 7 times more potent anabolic than testosterone.
From here to the conclusion that much of the anabolic effect boldenone is based on the fact that self-made hormones related to androgen receptors. Maybe that's why he successfully applied in veterinary medicine, although animals have different metabolisms.
Like most steroids it increases muscle mass by creating a positive nitrogen balance, increase protein synthesis and a significant increase in appetite. Its anabolic activity continued after the completion of the course. Although Boldenone possesses estrogenic activity, it is so weak that a positive rather than negative character.
At doses of 300-400 mg. aromatization of the week is so small that a phenomenon such as gynecomastia and fat deposition were excluded.
It should be known that minimal aromatization and estrogen affect the anabolic activity. They create opportunities for deposition of glucose and stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, so strong androgenic hormones such as testosterone and Anadrol having high aromatic content can lead to serious muscle growth.
From this perspective, boldenone is the steroid because of its moderate estrogen activity.
Boldenone is one of the most popular steroids because it leads to increased levels of Eritroprotein, a hormone known as EPO stimulates the production of red blood cells (RBCs). And as we know the role of red blood cells and carry oxygen to all the tissues and cells. Oxygen itself is important for improving athletic performance. The combination of boldenone with other perfumed products as Vinstrol Primabolan and helps preserve lean muscle mass and venoznost. Only you will have to deal with your increased appetite. Therefore, when using higher doses of boldenone is appropriate to combine with such steroids (working table) as Anadrol or testosterone to get startling results. Even in durable men there are not any contraindications.

Combinations and dosages:
Dosage of 300-400 mg. is sufficient and non-toxic to the liver in a continuous course. Manifestations of androgen properties with doses higher than 200 mg. easier to use, that you can do one injection a week. Due to its high concentration in which the preparation and the cumulative effect you quickly reach the necessary levels. In the first two weeks could put 600 to 800 mg. a week, then get off at the normal 300 to 400 mg. a week for 8-10 weeks. Boldenone is most commonly used steroid courses in lean mass. For this purpose, it combined with trenbolone, testosterone propionate and Stanozol. I'm not a big fan of testosterone, although many propionate used with success. Stanozol practically indispensable to increase muscle size and strength at the same time as boldenone venoznostta without increasing the risk of aromatization. 50mg. Stanozolol combined with 300-400 mg. Boldenone a week allows you to achieve high performance while keep venoznost increased and relief. Trenbolone could be worthy addition to boldenone to those who seek moderate results in increased muscle mass, but in contrast, want maximum quality natrpanata muscles. Using Parbolan (eg 75 g) every other day along with boldenone allows you to raise the table without losing shape and topography. Ultimately the choice is yours. Inspire our ability to use Boldenone Testosterone enanthate together with or tsipionat. This combination moves nandrolone boldenone, because its not tedious step-progesterone effect. And as you remember, and significantly increases the appetite. 300-400 mg. Boldenone + 500 mg or 500 mg of sustanon. Testosterone enanthate can create unimaginable combination. Even for those who prefer not Decca adding large doses of boldenone can significantly increase your appetite. And boldenone is stronger than Deca Durabolin, but did not affect much of the endocrine glands. The appearance of boldenone and nandrolone shifted Metenolona (Primabolan) in the background, despite similar action. The whole beauty of boldenone is that it is a wonderful alternative to nandrolone with its high anabolic activity, as well as alternative Metenolona with his effect gets weaker. Or as it is fashionable these days in advertising "Pay one - get two." Boldenonat - commonly known under the name equipose (popular brand of veterinary injectable steroid boldenone undetsiklenat) is a derivative of testosterone with strong anabolic and moderately androgenic properties. It was first patented by CIBA in 1949. Equipose American version is most commonly used on horses, Colombian "Ganabol", usually in bottles from 50ml. - Cattle and cattle, and the German "Venobol" - for dogs. Also common are Mexican versions "Equigan" and "Maxigan", very popular these days are the new boldenone 200 "Ttokkyo" and a version of "Squibb", Ho before going to remind you that boldenonat actually designed for 550 -pound racehorses.

Action. Ester undetsiklenat (with only one carbon atom longer than decanoate) dramatically extends the activity of drug injections, so it may be 3-4 weeks interval. Boldenonat has the ability to increase the production of red blood cells, although more recently it is believed that this is characteristic of all anabolic / androgenic steroids. For many, it is more powerful and slightly more androgenic than deca durabolina and can replace it in most cycles without changing the final result, it is more and more expensive. Boldenonat not preparation for fast bulking, back - he makes slow but steady growth and strength. The biggest advantages are in its long - usually more than 8-10 weeks cycles. Since not hold much water, most of the uploaded cycle with boldenone remains. It is interesting that he and classic preparation table "Dianabol" - in the Bulgarian version Bionabol are structurally almost identical: bionabolat is 17-alpha alkylated and boldenonat is 17 beta-ester (undetsiklenat). Aside from that, their molecules are the same, although the act quite differently on the body.
The first thing you will notice after taking Boldenone is a new type of blood vessels. After pumping workout seems to be much stronger. What is at issue eritropoezis - increased production of red blood cells that carry a great deal of nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body. It feels as though your body is overflowing new 6 liters of blood. The second and the third thing to note is its powerful lipotropic (fat burners) feature, combined with the strong ability to retain nitrogen. Due to recent sharp increases in protein synthesis in muscle cells and the body becomes muscular and dense, but relief appearance. The fourth thing that stands out is the increase in appetite - most cells facilitate the transport of nutrients uvelichavaiki absorption and because it is so efficient, constantly hungry.
Dosage. Although it stays active for a much longer time boldenonat is injected at least once a week. Standard dozrovka for men is 200-400mg (4-8ml. Vary With 50mg of.) Week (150 to 300 according to others), and injection sites regularly changed to prevent inflammation and infection. You should know that if the injection is too much of a basis Massenet injected in one place may occur abscess requiring surgical intervention. To avoid these problems usually each injection is that more than 3ml., A site for injection is used again no earlier than a week (preferably every other week). This is the case not only does injections in the buttocks, but the outer thighs.

Side effects. In principle boldenone they are soft. Its ability to retain water is slightly higher than that of dekadurabolicha (approximately 20%), but much less than in the strong steroids like testosterone (which is why blood is usually not taken). Although there are likely to encounter side effects of estrogen-based - eg. gynecomastia, in moderate doses, it is not common. In theory it is possible, but usually occurs in athletes or very sensitive risk high doses.

To avoid such problems, it is advised to go to boldenone Nolvadex and / or Proviron. Otherwise, when he has specific side effects - oily skin, acne, increased aggression and hair loss, although they are usually associated with higher doses. For women boldenonat is quite handy (if, of course, the ladies find it comfortable with steroid injection for horses!), Since small doses virilizing symptoms it is not noticed for larger however to add the aforementioned increased libido and growth of hair on the face and legs.

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