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Testosterone enahtate.5amp-250mg

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Testosterone enathate.5amp-250mg


5amp- 250mg

Packing: 5amp

Appearance: 5amp 250mg

Manufacturer: alpha pharma

- substance: testosterone enantat

- Trade Names:

- Depo-Testosterone 200 mg / ml;

- Primoteston Depot 250 mg / ml;

- Depo-Testosterone 50.100, 250 mg / ml;

- Test 250100, 250 mg / ml;

- Prolongat testosterone 100 mg / ml;

- Testostoviron Depot 100 mg / mL, 250 mg / ml.

- 1ml/250 mg, 10ml / 250 mg

This is a long-acting injection product. It is often used by athletes and others like testosterone. Strong anabolic and androgenic, flavored simple and is moderately toxic to the liver. No matter what you think about Bionabol, Anapolon and others when it comes to muscle and strength gains, testosterone - was and remains detergent № 1. Some athletes say that Testosterone Enanthate (Testosterone enantat) does not feel as good as Testosterone Cypionate. Anyway Testosterone Enanthate (Testosterone enantat) should be placed every 10 days, as opposed to Testosterone Cypionate, which arises once a week. The effective dose of Testosterone Enanthate (Testosterone enantat) is about 1-3 ml per 10 days.
This is because Testosterone Enanthate (Testosterone enantat) half-life is about a week. The decisive advantage of Testosterone Enanthate (Testosterone enantat) is that it has a strong anabolic and androgenic effects. For anyone who uses the drug for a short time a large increase muscle mass and strength increases significantly. But it was also associated with significant water retention.
Weightlifters and pauarliftarite appreciate the quality of this product. Testosterone Enanthate same is valuable in sports where qualities such as brute force, aggression is considered desirable. Dan Dacheyn in his book "Guide to Steroids-2 'recommended doses to reach 2,000 to 4,000 mg a week. It is not unusual these doses applied primarily in American football players and pauarlifting. For bodybuilders water retention associated with taking Testosterone Enanthate is twofold. It is true that quickly become massive and strong, but after a few weeks the mirror shows a completely flat, watery and puffy muscles that look like inflated with air to these dimensions, and the strain and nothing happens. He that believeth not let me try to see elite athletes during their major period when using tremendous amounts of testosterone enantat. The good thing is that when you use Testosterone Enanthate feel pumped into the legs and even climbing the stairs to your apartment. Adoption of Testosterone Enanthate helps with joint pain and back due to primary degenerative processes of the vertebrae of the spine. Despite the advantages of preparation beginners should not use it. They should stay away from all testosterone esters. Anyone who until now never been used steroids to postpone use of testosteronivi preparations until the other "soft steroids" is no longer active. To increase muscle mass Testosterone enantat combined with Anapolon, Bionabol, Deca durabolin, and parabolic. Suggested intake - 100 mg Anapolon daily, 200 mg Deca-durabolin and 500 mg Testosterone Enanthate. After 6 weeks you can replace with 30 mg Anapolon Bionabol. Generally Testosterone enantat cycles in Table combines well with almost any steroids (synergism exists).
Problem when using Testosterone Enanthate is that it tends to strongly aromatize into estrogen. As a result, the body accumulates excess fat, commonly seen gynecomastia. Although it is individual and depends on the susceptibility of the individual drug user preparation. There are athletes who even at doses higher than 1000 mg daily did not suffer from feminization, fat accumulation and retain trace amounts of water. While from the first ampoule get pain in their nipples. For this they should take Nolvadex and Proviron further. Enantat testosterone stimulates recovery processes in the body. He therefore better influence vitality, providing additional energy and accelerated phase compensation. If you use allow athletes to train 6 times a week and some even do workouts and two editions and still feel strong and recovered. Testosterone Enanthate drug Athletes talk about amazing pumping during exercise.
Total dose of Testosterone Enanthate very different spoken by 250 mg per week up to 2000 mg daily. Yet reasonable dose is between 250 -1000 mg a week. Doses above 500 mg is better to be divided and given twice a week. Testosterone Enanthate has a strong influence on the hypothalamus. The activity of the pituitary gland as a result of feedback available is reduced leading to a reduction of own production of testosterone. It is therefore recommended that every drug user Testosterone Enanthate more than 6-8 weeks at the end of the cycle to use hCG. Injections of 5000 UI put every fifth day for 15 days (total of 3 injections) helps to reduce the problem of suppression of endogenous production.
Administration of hCG, and Hlomid Nolvadex is customary at the end of cycles with testosterone. The use of these drugs helps overcome emerging catabolic and again raise endogenous testosterone levels. Anyone who can afford to ignore the role of these agents will notice how quickly accumulated mass also quickly lost. Even a slow tapering regimen that will still happen. This can be avoided with the use of testosterone stimulating agents and anti-catabolic substances such as Clenbuterol, Ephedrine and of course growth hormone. Another option is a soft transition to anabolic steroids like deca durabolin,, Vinstrol or Primobolan. With Testosterone Enanthate many people can become strong and big, but many of them fail to preserve the results.
Side effects of drug use are characteristic of all strong androgens. Water retention, high blood pressure as a result of acne, especially noticeable in the back, shoulders and arms. These side effects are typical for long-term use, but by discontinuing use relatively quickly disappear. The signs of feminization, especially gynecomastia is blocked by anti-estrogens taken. At the beginning of the intake there is a sexual overstimulation with frequent erections. In young athletes occur virializatsiya, premature ossification and termination of growth process. There are other common side effects: testicular atrophy, reduction in sperm production and increased aggression. It is important to direct their aggression in training, not for others. Unfortunately this is not very good at many of the athletes taking Testosterone Enanthate. Usually by this antisocial behavior leads to higher doses. Arises the so-called "Superman Syndrome". Although Testosterone enantat is destroyed in the liver, the chemical at reasonable doses is much less hepatotoxic than 17 - alpha-alkylated oral steroids. Women should definitely avoid the use of Testosterone Enanthate. If you do resort to the use of this preparation sports doctors recommend a maximum intake of 250 mg for 7-10 days. For athletes subject to doping control might be interesting finding Dan Dacheyn that use up to 300 mg per week does not to exceed 6:1 ratio of testosterone / epitestosterone.

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