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Varistasi foot and body gel 75 ml.

Product Code: Varistasi foot and body gel 75 ml.
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Varistasi plus gel stimulates microcirculation and relieves the feeling of fatigue and weight in the legs, thanks to the synergy between the effect of the barrier and the function of its active ingredients.
- Promotes swelling of excess fluid and reduces swelling in the lower limbs;
- Reduces the feeling of heavy and tired legs;
- It is well absorbed and leaves no trace of clothes;
- Strengthens and relieves the condition of the limbs in the presence of varicose veins;
- The product can be successfully applied to sciatica, lumbago and arthritis;
- Calms the problematic areas of the body that are subject to stress from day to day work or immobilization.

Varistasis plus gel is a medical device developed for people suffering from varicose veins. It alleviates the concomitant symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency such as: feeling of heavy and tired legs, edema in the lower limbs and painful muscle spasms.

When the work of a person forces one to sit, especially in an upright position, the blood in the lower limbs begins to stand, and blood microscopes are beginning to form around the venous flaps, which in time grow. This in turn leads to a narrowing of the opening in the venous valves and, consequently, to an increase in the pressure in the blood vessels below them. As a result, the valves are pinched and the veins expand. Venous blood stays in the lower limbs and causes weight, pain, burning, night cramps and swollen thighs. Permanent edema of the subcoat leads to disruption of skin nutrition with subsequent skin inflammation or the formation of difficult healing wounds. The cause of weight and fatigue in the limbs lies in the problems of blood circulation. These often occur with age, pregnancy, or frequent and prolonged sitting.

Here are the factors that lead to the development of varicose veins:

long standing in the upright position - when leg muscles do not contracture, venous outflow to the heart becomes obstructed and venous pressure increases;
obesity - obesity increases venous pressure in the lower limbs;
family inborn predisposition - one of the most common risk factors;
traumatic foot injury, operative intervention - disturbs normal blood flow;
sex - women often develop varicose veins. It is believed that hormone levels affect the venous walls - women taking hormonal preparations either for contraception or after menopause, more often have such problems.
The gel is a combination of extracts of several plants that help strengthen and stabilize venous walls, reduce swelling and bruising and improve tissue supply with oxygen.

Action of the active ingredients:

Horse chestnut - Helps elasticity of blood vessels and improves blood circulation and venous tone of lower limbs. Provides an extremely favorable action of the veins and capillaries, improving the strength of their walls. Relieves the feeling of weight and pain;
Asian Centella / Gotou Car or Asian Hydrocollege / - contributes to the recovery of elastin and collagen, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the walls of the vessels, assists the venous circulation in the legs and makes the skin tight;
Thick Pile / Wild Boxwood / - Strengthens the walls of the blood vessels. Excellent support in the absence of venous tone, blood collection in the veins, or the formation of blood clots in them. Relieves swelling in legs and feeling of weight;
Blueberry - a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain the elasticity of the veins. The flavonoids contained therein are used to dilute the blood and prevent capillary brittleness;
Fenugreek - improves blood microcirculation and helps relieve the feeling of weight and fatigue in the legs. Fenugreek seeds contain essential oil with over 40 active ingredients. The plant has a tonic effect in fatigue and chronic fatigue.
Directions for use: Apply 1 to 2 times a day on the affected area with light massage movements from the bottom up.

Ingredients: wild chestnut extract, Asian clover extract, wild lemon extract, blueberry extract, menthol, hamamelis water, fenugreek extract, ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil.

In a cool, dry place, away from heat sources at temperatures below 25 ° C.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Packing: 75 ml.

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