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Visolor 60 tablets

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Visolor is a nutritional supplement that is designed to improve and maintain eye health and improve vision. The ingredients in the product are generally known and known for their beneficial properties for healthy eyes.

Visolor has a beneficial effect on:
• cataracts;
• glaucoma;
• macular degeneration;
• asthenopia when working with a computer;
• on the overall health of the eyes.

Action of the active ingredients:
Lutein - provides a powerful antioxidant effect on the eyes. Improves macular function in permanent degeneration due to old age. Having the optimal amount of lutein in the eyes slows down and prevents cataracts.

Astaxanthin - a powerful antioxidant that supports vision, even in the presence of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Cranberry extract - a powerful antioxidant and a rich source of anthocyanins and flavonoids. Improves the blood supply to the eye, reduces fatigue and enhances visual acuity. The extract helps prevent visual problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, night blindness and loss of peripheral vision.

Zinc - improves cognitive function and helps maintain good day and night vision. The mineral contributes to health and endurance and the entire immune system as a whole.

Vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the body's resistance. It has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels and promotes the formation of collagen.

Vitamin B2 - has a beneficial effect on eye fatigue and helps maintain good vision. It is especially useful for counteracting glaucoma.

Selenium - helps prevent premature aging of cells and strengthens the body's defenses.

Resveratrol - performs many actions in the body, the main of which are antioxidant and protective for the cardiovascular system.


Contents for 1 table.
Lutein 15 mg
Astaxanthin 40 μg
Extract of

80 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg
Zinc 2.5 mg
Selenium 90 μg
Vitamin B2 1.4 mg
Resveratrol 1 mg
Dosage and intake: 1 tablet per day.

In case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
If you are taking anticoagulants, have an operation or are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before taking any medicines or supplements.

Packaging: 60 tablets.

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